It’s Monday, again.

Well, I had promised you (and myself) that my Minimalist Monday would be a series. It’s Monday again, so I figured I should probably get this back up. I didn’t do much to cut back this week, because I wanted to just live throughout last week with the cuts that I did make, and see how I felt about them. I also had to take a couple hours (an entire night?) to actually clean the apartment after all that tidying. In all, we had probably about 6 or 7 garbage bags full of trash, in addition to everything that was donated or given away.

After pulling more things to donate, this is what is left on my hutch, all things I genuinely love or am sentimental about.

And let me tell you: I felt amazing great all week. There was half a second where I panicked that I had gotten rid of one small eye shadow palette that I love, but then I found it, tucked away where it was difficult to see, and breathed a sigh of relief.

A week after tidying, my vanity is still clear. This is where I happily sigh, because it is so calming to see a clean table without clutter.

So, tonight, with the thought in mind that I was going to write this post, I looked around our apartment at all of my little knick-knacks and little things that I was afraid to give up. And I still felt cluttered. I knew that I really don’t need all of this stuff to make my home feel like home. I looked at all of the stuff taking up space and knew that I didn’t need it to make my home feel welcoming.


After walking around my apartment, I was able to pull together another box full of little odds and ends that I have bought over time to just fill space. In the picture you will see a lot of elephants. I’m sure my husband is glad to see some of them go. I have been collecting them ever since I moved in, and I cut back to only the ones that I truly love. I went from having probably 10 elephants in different rooms of our small home to just the 3 that I love, all gifts that I have received. I actually think they are all from my sister, maybe.

Since decluttering, I have found it is so easy to keep my things cleaned up and put away. Getting dressed on casual days is so much easier, because all of the clothes that I have, I love and I feel confident in. Finding the few pieces of makeup that I wear is simple and quick each morning, which I am so grateful for. I find that I don’t want to leave things out on my table anymore or on my vanity because finding the place everything goes in is simple.

Our dresser was built by Peter’s great-grandfather in the 1920’s, which is one of the reasons I love it. I love the history of it. And I am so glad that I have been able to clean it off and keep it that way.

And, the best part, is that after I posted my last blog entry, friends and family have all reached out to me or sent me pictures saying that they have started their own decluttering. I love that they read my post at all, but that it made them want to do a little of their own simplifying.

I hope that I can inspire more people to do this with me. If you have started cutting back as well, leave me a comment, or send me a picture! I would love to see what you are doing! Also, my husband isn’t as on board with this whole thing as I am, although he has done his part in some areas. But, he has this area, under the desk that is driving me nuts. He buys and sells things on eBay, so he has a bunch of shipping materials and some of his items that he is selling, and it is super unorganized.


Do any of you have any tips on how to deal with this? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you guys soon!



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