Hey there, stranger. I have been away for a while. Sorry about that. Life here has been crazy. Since we last spoke, I have gotten a new position at work and have been learning all that the new job entails. It is way more than anticipated. My sister and I have been planning a trip; Although, I’m not sure who all she has told about it, so I won’t say where. Oh, but don’t worry, dear friend – I will blog about it. I have in mind a packing post – what we packed and how we packed (I am a packing MASTER!) and I am sure I will post about the trip itself. I will be too high on it not to share it with you.

But, in the spirit of getting back to this lovely little corner of the webisphere, I thought I’d share with you a recipe that is probably overly easy and a combination of about a million other ones you can find on Pinterest, but why not.

In the hopes of making already busy mornings easier for Pete and myself, I pre-made breakfast sandwiches with the idea that we would just throw one in the microwave and run out the door. It was infinitely easier and cheaper than going to a fast food place, and this way, I know for the most part what is going into our bellies.

Bear with me, friends. I hadn’t thought of blogging this until I was into making the parts, so I don’t have pictures of everything, but who hasn’t seen eggs before they are broken and scrambled, anyway? I’m sure you won’t hold it against me.

You’ll want some refrigerated buttermilk biscuits – any brand, large eggs – I used 5, sausage patties – again, any brand, and whatever toppings you will like – I used shredded cheddar cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese as they are for my husband and myself and he is not a huge fan of veggies in anything, let alone his breakfast. But I am sure throwing some spinach and peppers in the eggs would be great! You’ll also need a cookie sheet, and a large muffin tin, a small bowl or large measuring cup (I used a 4 cup measuring cup), and a whisk.

Bake the biscuits according to the package instructions.

03. biscuits

I bought Johnsonville sausage patties from Walmart, but any sausage patties will work. To save me some time and make my life easier, I put the sausage on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and cooked them at 425* in the oven. Put them in for 10 min, pull them out, flip them and then rotate the pan, then throw them back into the oven for another 10 min. It makes your life a million times easier, y’all. Trust me.

05. package

04. cooked sausage

I’m sure you could easily substitute the regular sausage for turkey or something else, but our house smelled so good when I pulled these out of the oven, that I wouldn’t use anything else.

While the sausage was cooking, I started work on the eggs. I broke all 5 eggs into my large measuring cup (or your small mixing bowl) and poured in some skim milk and scrambled the eggs. I noticed I was close to 2 cups with the 5 eggs and the small amount of milk I had in the bowl, so I just filled it up to the 2 cup mark, because I figured that was an easy way to divide the eggs evenly (8 sandwiches at 1/4c scrambled eggs makes for evenly – and easily – measured eggs.). Spray 8 of the cups in your large muffin tin with non-stick spray, and pour 1/4c scrambled eggs into each. Then add your tasty extras. I used two types of cheese.

01. scrambled egg

Once your eggs are ready, and your sausage is out of the oven, I put the muffin tin into the oven, still at 425*, and let those cook for 10 min. I wouldn’t put more than 1/4c of the eggs into each cup, because they will puff up and swell while they are in the oven, and you really don’t want to have to clean all of that up later, if they overflow.

07. cooked egg

Look at those two little guys on the left! They got pretty tall! But they do fall after a couple minutes of cooling.

Now, time to assemble! Cut each of your biscuits in half.


Put one egg on each.

10. assemble

Careful pulling them out of the muffin tin. Those suckers are slippery!

09. splat

Man down!

Next, put one of your sausage patties on top of the egg.

11. assemble

Add extra cheese or other veggies or toppings here, if you want. I did not.

Then add the top of your biscuit, et voila!

12. done


I also got a little creative (I mean, I thought I was clever. You probably do this all the time though…) and used Glad Press ‘n’ Seal to wrap the sandwiches individually. I hate regular plastic wrap because it is annoying, and I don’t really like using foil because then you can’t see what is inside. First world problems, am I right?

13. wrap

Grab a piece of Press’n Seal big enough to wrap all the way around your sandwiches and wrap those suckers up.

14. wrap

And then you are done! Breakfast is ready for the week! Congrats, you think-ahead-er, you! It is one less thing you have to think about in the morning. Just grab one and go! Lord knows we all need just a little extra help in the mornings.

15. end

After wrapping mine up, I stored them in a gallon bag in the fridge so they’d all be together and easily found. You can freeze them, if you want. Ours will be kept in the fridge since they will all be finished this week between my husband and myself. But if they were going to be in the fridge for longer than that, I would suggest freezing them.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe. If you decide to do something similar or have any suggestions, let me know!

I will endeavor to come back more regularly than I have been in lately. I am hoping that I will finally get back into a regular schedule at work and be able to make some extra time for my little blog.

Talk to you all again, soon.
Your Friend.

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